Photo Guide

Take the Pawfect pic

Photo Guide

1. Take an Adorable Photo

Lights. Paws. Action! Take the best (or cutest!) photo of your best buddy.

2. Choose your Product

You can select from a wide range of different styles, colors and sizes too.

3. We’ll do the Magic

You (or your friend) will receive a unique personalized gift of your best buddy.

Photo Tips

Dogs are the perfect subjects for all kinds of photographs.
Read our tips to capture the pawfect photo.

Photo Tips 1

1. Adorable Pose

Take a pic that best captures it’s personality.
Sitting down and standing up photos work best.
You can try to distract them with its favorite toy or treat.

Photo Tips 2

2. Good Lighting

Use natural light as much as you can. Sunrise, sunset or cloudy days make the best photos. Avoid harsh, direct light, which will create unflattering shadows.

Photo Tips 3

3. Clear Background

A clear background will put the spotlight on your buddy, create the illusion of depth, and make your photos look more professional.